5 Reasons you Need a Videographer for your Wedding



Is having a wedding videographer important? We think so, but we may be a little biased! One of the biggest regrets from couples after their wedding is not getting a wedding videographer. We are often told by couples, one of the best decisions they made was adding videography. Here are some reasons we think you may need a professional videographer for your wedding.

The day goes by so quick

Your wedding is going to fly by.  There will be moments, events and details you will not get the chance to see.  Your videographer, however will be there to get all those important clips for you to watch after the wedding is over.  You won't see your Mom walk down the aisle.  You may not even be able to see your husbands reaction.   Did your parents cry while they sat and watched the ceremony? Was Aunt Peggy even there?

 That is what our professional videographers can capture for you.



If you are writing your own vows you will always know what they were on paper (or a phone).  But what did they sound like?  What did your groom say when he first saw you?  Luckily if you have a videographer multiple audio sources will be used to ensure everything is recorded.

At your reception with all eyes on you and the day totally whizzing by, were you really able to take in and hear those special toasts?  A video will allow you to re-hear those important things.


Share your day with everyone

We have the internet, and so does everyone...  This makes sharing your day with people who could not be there (and those who were) even easier.  We offer an online theatre which makes viewing, sharing and downloading a breeze.  No need to schedule a visit with relatives and bring the CD so they can see your wedding.


pictures are great, but they are not video

Pictures are great and are a must.  A picture makes a beautiful display.  Portraits of your family members are so important too!  Pulling out the wedding album and reviewing your precious pictures is a great anniversary event.  

But, with video, you can watch your whole wedding again.  Listen to your vows, watch your first kiss, your first dance, your very first day as husband and wife.  You can see your family walk into the reception and celebrate.  Laugh at your Dad doing the Ymca.  See your grandparents dancing together.  After 14 years of marriage we still watch our (very basic) wedding video.  It brings memories back that photographs just can't replicate.


we Put it all together

Videographers capture the events of the day with multiple camera's, drone and the audio.  They put together this footage, audio and create a beautiful film set to music that shows the most important events of your day in just about 5 minutes.  This will make you cry.  This film will make you feel emotional.  As videographers we are trained to pick the most important and emotional moments and edit that with audio from vows and toasts to create a film for you to recap your day.  This tells the story of your wedding.  I LOVE sending out the link when I complete a film.  The couple is ecstatic.   As a photographer and videographer, I can assure you the emails I get from couples who have seen their wedding film is different than seeing their images.  Both are great and they love it all.  


Sure, brides may cry when they see their images, but not every single time, like video.


What past couples are saying......

"This video is the most treasured and meaningful item from our wedding day. The Cardens were so easy to work with. I communicated with them a couple of times before the wedding and they handled the rest. Except for the two private filming sessions on our wedding day, I did not even notice them all day. They were silently in the background capturing every perfect moment. They did an amazing job capturing so many perfect moments and putting it together in this short trailer. It has been such a great way to re-live our wedding day and we love it more than we ever thought we would! I was skeptical about how the video would turn out and if it would really reflect us and whether it would be worth the cost. But, the Cardens did an amazing job. And in retrospect I'd say it is the one item that is definitely worth the extra cost because it really let's you re-live the day and see all your family and friends and yourself enjoy this special day - something you don't really get to do when you're going through all the busy-ness of the day. We strongly recommend working with the Cardens!"  - Swati and Jeremy


“From beginning to end, Virginia and Tim were awesome! They were readily available to answer any questions and on the wedding day, they seeped into the background that I barely noticed them! 1.5 weeks after the wedding, they came out with a trailer of the highlights of the wedding and all I can say is OMG! They are soo artisitc and detail oriented. My husband and I are in love with the trailer and we constantly say we should have hired them as our photographers too! We should have our full wedding DVD in about 2 weeks but I have no doubt in my mind that it will be incredible.

We highly recommend Carden's photographer to everyone who likes artisic/photo journalistic style!" - Diana and Jonathan