So, why choose Carden's Film? 

We understand what it takes to not only make a great highlight film, but also how to capture all the important events.  Being both film makers and photographers, we have a visually trained eye that combines beautiful captures with the technical know how to deliver a great product to our couples and their families.  We want to give you goosebumps when you view your film.  Tears are good too.  :)

The Film Makers



Virginia is passionate about filming the authentic moments that make every wedding a beautiful unique day.  She has been filming weddings since 2011.

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Tim enjoys the energy of a wedding and capturing the delicate details that make a great film.  He is the first to lay on the ground or jump on a chair to get the shot!

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Lee has been filming with Carden's Film since 2012.  He has an eye for the details and capturing the moment. Lee is always looking for innovative creative moments.